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As we approach the 500th anniversary of the Reformation of the Church, I find a number of statements from Martin Luther to remain eerily as true today if not moreso than when he penned them. Tonight, I’m posting the first of several of these. This one brings to mind the dangers that ensue when accountability becomes a casualty of Christian culture. In his statement. Luther examines a colleague’s teaching, is so spot-on that I’m quoting it in its entirety.

For I saw that [the colleague] was far from the knowledge of grace, since in all his writings he is not concerned for the cross but for peace. He thinks that everything should be discussed and handled in a civil manner and with a certain benevolent kindness. But Behemoth [Satan] pays no attention and nothing improves by this … [The colleague’s] writings accomplish nothing because they refrain from chiding, biting, and giving offense. For when [some persons] are admonished in a civil manner they think it is flattering and keep on as if they passed the right to remain uncorrected and incorrigible, content that they are feared and that no one dares to reproach them.