Checking in ….

I do know you’re there; just wish you were here because this week – of all weeks – there’s so much to tell you. God has showered blessings I would never have imagined. And you’re the next one, I just know it! Keep your chin up, your paws crossed, and know in your heart what […]

But What of Whims? … And Kittens?

Once today’s blog is published, I run the risk of being seen differently by some who read it. You may be one of those “some”, but know upfront that in this spot and at this moment I really don’t care. This looney, crazed, dazed and oft-confused drama-queen is gleefully – as she writes this – dancing her happy dance. […]

Motivations for prayer

Most of this blog entry appeared in my comment to a question posed on Facebook. As I began responding to the question, “What Motivates You to Pray?”, I learned that – as usual – I had more to say than expected and didn’t want to clutter the other person’s wall. What Motivates Prayer  As a toddler, […]

Of Introductions and Port-A-Johns

Hi, and welcome to this Yet-to-Be-Named Blog. It’s great to have you here, and I sincerely hope you’ll read something in these words that makes you want to stick around, maybe even subscribe.Of course, it’s probably not fair to expect you to want to stick around without a proper introduction to give you an idea […]