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Be holy, because I am holy. 1 Peter 1:16

Have you ever found yourself wrestling with the ethics of a situation, wondering if a certain action fits your commitment to living the holy lifestyle prescribed by God? I have, so late last week when a professor offered the following contention in lecture, his words hit me where it hurts.

“All human beings can to some degree live up to God’s designs via natural law, but all fall short,” he said. “God through relationship is the empowerment for a deeper fidelity in life through redemption and the Holy Spirit.”

His words and some class debate left me to wonder, is it illogical to conclude that I, as a benefactor of said empowerment, have a heightened responsibility to aspire to a holy lifestyle? And if I do have such a responsibility, how do I balance it with His call to take the Gospel to other parts of the world – or just up the street – where living isn’t so holy and holiness isn’t so welcome?

As Christ-followers, we are called for example to a method of evangelization that often takes us into environments where normally our Christ-walk wouldn’t take us. In those places, we are called to share His grace with people who otherwise may never witness it.

In no way am I implying that we can or should shirk this calling, but I do wonder – stay with me here – if Spirit-guided wisdom should be a key factor as we set about to evangelize – wherever and to whomever we are called. Our only hope of finding the balance between loving wholly and living holy comes through the seeking of this wisdom. And wisdom is best sought through a determined pursuit of relationship with the Triune God.

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