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We, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory,
are being transformed into His likeness
with ever-increasing glory,
which comes from the Lord,
who is the Spirit.
2 Corinthians 3:18 NIV

(FROM THE PUBLISHER: While His Own Heart Ministries received an uncorrected proof of Jesus in Me for review and does endorse the book, we are in no way receiving compensation for any coverage of it from the author or her publishing team.)

This week promises to be an exciting one for His Own Heart Ministries. Not only do we wrap up our look at Jesus in Me – the latest book from Christian author/teacher Anne Graham Lotz – but we’re also joyfully anticipating its official release on Tuesday, October 1.

Let’s begin with a special video message from Anne herself:

Posted by Anne Graham Lotz on Monday, September 23, 2019


Just to be clear, the book is well worth the time you’ll spend reading it; in fact, it’s one you’ll want to buy for yourself and return to time and again. My copy looks as though it’s been through some very stringent weeks of “book bootcamp.” Its pages are ruffled, dog-eared, folded. A page or two are even marked with paw prints. (When Abby jumps into my lap, whatever happens to be there is irrelevant to her.) And highlighting? Oh. My. Goodness. It’s everywhere. Part 6 may as well be highlighted in its entirety.

Jesus in Me could possibly be the best book in the Lotz library. Impeccably written – impeccably timed – the text challenges Christ-followers everywhere to pursue full-throttle an energizing, personal relationship with the Son of God. Through well-researched Scripture and personal experiences relayed as only she can relay them, Anne guides readers toward two life-altering realizations. The first is that every human is created in the image of God for the sovereign purpose of His glorification. The second, building on the foundation of the first, is that you and I fulfill this purpose only when we walk closely and in tandem with the Holy Spirit, who is literally Christ manifested in us. In confusing and tempestuous times – amid what can be a confusing and tempestuous culture – Jesus in Me is a must-read for every person with a sincere desire to know, follow, and reflect Christ.

As we stated previously, we’ve chosen to share quotes from Jesus in Me with readers both because the book’s content is spiritually rich and also because the content offers some great follow-up application to our recent series, The Chaos Chronicles.  Hopefully, you’ll also remember from that series that the Holy Spirit plays a pivotal role in equipping us to respond with God-given authority to the cultural chaos encountered by Christ-followers today. If not, a review is available here.

Oh – and on that note – I encourage you to go through this final sets of quote one-by one. They build on each other and end by bringing us full-circle back to our starting point in The Chaos Chronicles.

An ongoing relationship with the Spirit is so imperative to taming the chaos we discussed in that series, As Lotz and so aptly discusses in her WaterBrook & Multnomah release, an individual simply cannot tame chaos alone. The harder we try to fight cultural chaos, in fact, the more likely we are to be consumed by the chaos.

It’s a blunt statement, but it’s also a true statement.

And because Jesus in Me does such a great job of spelling out not only the importance of our relationship with the Holy Spirit – but also the how-to’s of developing and maintaining that relationship – we’ve published some of our favorite points that Lotz makes in the book.

PLEASE NOTE, however, that what you read here in our posts barely scratches the surface of Anne’s teaching in the book. We do, therefore, encourage you to read Jesus in Me for yourself, take its wisdom to heart, and prayerfully implement it into your life. Also, don’t miss the special interview with Anne here from Fox & Friends!


“Listen to me! The best Advisor, the best Business Manager, the best Life Coach, is the Counselor. He is available 24/7. Without charge. Do you need direction? Discretion? Discernment? Deliverance? Talk to your Counselor. Pour out your heart. Be honest. Transparent. Lean heavily on the One who is Jesus in you.”

“I had prayed for safety and protection before leaving my father’s house, which had been a lifelong habit before taking a road trip. I’m grateful I had pre-prayed in that moment. All I could manage was a heart scream: Help! The absolutely wonderful thing about the Holy Spirit is that He is always standing by to do just that.” (Italics mine.)

“The Holy Spirit is not oblivious or uncaring about the pressures you are experiencing. He understands you. He is intimately involved in the details of your life in a way that no one else is. And He will enable you to endure the pressures of His molding by ministering to you in a variety of ways as He shapes you into a vessel that displays the glory of God. He will guide your decisions, direct your steps, comfort your heart, teach you God’s ways, enlighten your understanding, convict you of sin.”

“The yearning for significance can … be seen in the crazy popularity of selfies and Snapchat, Instagram,and Facebook. People do outlandish things that a previous generation would consider embarrassing and unacceptable. They strip, curse, march, demonstrate and clamor in general for recognition and popularity and notoriety. Why? Where does that desire for something greater come from? Why are we so stirred to yearn for a life that is more than ordinary? … One [answer] is that we are created in the image of God, with a capacity to know Him in a personal, permanent relationship, for the purpose of bringing Him glory. Until that purpose is fulfilled, we will be empty, dissatisfied, and unfulfilled as we continually tryto fill the void with substitutes.”

“… [W]hat about those of us who have established a personal, permanent relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ? Why are some of us also restless and dissatisfied, yearning for something greater? The only viable answer seems to be the Holy Spirit, who begins to work in us a desire to live for a purpose greater than ourselves.”

“While love and grace seem to be the characteristics of God primarily highlighted in the New Testament, His holiness has not diminished over the millenia of human history. He is just as holy today as He was in the beginning, as He ever will be. In fact, His emphasis on holiness is unmistakably obvious in the name given to His Spirit – the Holy Spirit … His holy, just, righteous nature demands judgment [of our sins].” (Brackets mine.)

On inviting the Holy Spirit into – or back into – your life:

“Whether you have been living in ignorance of [the Holy Spirit’s guidelines or in rebellion against them, tell Him what you have done, where you are, and that you want to start living as He directs. Then start reading your Bible. Study it, love it, and live by it. God the Holy Spirit is your Helper, remember? Your Strengthener. Your Counselor. He is just waiting for you to turn to Him and give Him the freedom and authority to bring order out of your chaos.” (Bold italics mine.)

– Copyright 2019, Carole Anne Hallyburton. All rights reserved.