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[The angel said to Mary:]
tell [Jesus’] disciples
and Peter
that he is going before you to Galilee.
There you will see him, just as he told you.”
Mark 16:7 ESV

Hallelujah! He. Is. RISEN!

Let’s act like it!!!

That statement started with frustration, and led to a post on His Own Heart’s Facebook page:

So here’s the first thing I need to address: EASTER IS ON, people!!!! My dander has been up since I heard that genius reporter comment that “this is the first time in our history that Easter won’t be celebrated.” Jesus Christ is alive and well, and for some strange reason has kept your tail safe and your job in place amid COVID-19 for you to… what? Declare Easter null and void? You know what’s void? The tomb…the tomb is void. Take your notebook and camera crew over to Jerusalem and check it out. Jesus isn’t there. He’s up and outta there – for me, for you, for whomever accepts Him. And neither wind/rain/sleet/snow nor COVID-19 can change that fact; what Jesus did during those three days is unchangeable, irreversible, the most exciting thing ever. So you can bet your bottom dollar Easter WILL be celebrated this and every year. The bunny can hunker down in his burrow from now on if he wants – I hope he doesn’t ’cause I kinda like having him around, but that’s his call – but ain’t no way Jesus will be hanging out in that tomb.

And it morphed into a three-day event that we’re sharing with you here in its entirety. Don’t forget to click the hyperlinks to be taken to some praises hand-picked for the celebration. Our blessings to and gratitude for each one of you, this Easter Day and always.


Earlier this week, I posted that EASTER IS ON. Your response was so humbling and overwhelming that I began to think of of ways to – as the saying goes – put our money where our mouths are.

So… you’re invited to a three day online event to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For each of these three days (today, tomorrow and Sunday) I will post a video of a song that I’ve selected to fit that particular day of the Easter progression.It’s really simple, really fun, and – above all – is intended to glorify Jesus of Nazareth.

DAY 1 – He rose for you, which by definition means He died for you. Nowhere will any of us find a more stately knight in armor that shines so brightly. Take some time today – wherever you are, whatever your situation – to soak in the fact that Jesus went through the worst kind of death just for you.

How can any of us ignore or deny that fact?


Ironically, Holy Week 2020 is blanketed by an eerie stillness – the kind of stillness American culture hasn’t experienced in a long, long time. Make no mistake, though, the stillness that comes with a cost for so many also comes with an advantage. I don’t often project in my writing for His Own Heart because I can’t begin to know the plans of God; truly, His knowledge and ways are far higher than mine (see Isaiah 55:8).

Even so, I see the stillness that envelops us now as an opportunity for each person to spend some quality time in praise of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Maybe for someone it’s even a spiritual opportunity to make up for lost time as sons and daughters of the King. Or an opportunity to begin a new life in Him. I pray with all my heart that – wherever you are, whatever you’re doing – you will seize the opportunity that Jesus Christ is giving you.

You won’t regret taking it, because when you do – mark it – morning’s coming!


’Nuff said!
Come sit by Him today and bask – BASK – in childlike wonder that He did it ALL – Day 1, Day , DAY 3 – for YOU!!! What will YOU now do for HIM?

– Copyright 2020, Carole Anne Hallyburton. All rights reserved.