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…And he will be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:6
Points to Ponder:
When God revealed to Isaiah the prophetic glimpse of the many Names that would define the character and actions of the promised Messiah, I wonder if He specifically chose the terms in today’s Scripture as the group that would speak most pointedly to the hearts of the people of Old Testament Israel in a time when they most needed to hear them. Regardless, the list is timeless; it continues to speak volumes to spiritually and emotionally tired believers worldwide.
Let’s think for a moment today about other Names of Jesus that speak to us on a personal and individual level. Have you ever put together an acrostic? It’s a word used to create an overarching theme, then each letter a word is chosen that both begins with that letter and relates to the overarching theme. I used this method to create a simplified list of Names and characteristics of Christ that cause me to all-at-once rejoice over His birth and joyfully anticipate His coming return to earth. The guiding theme? You guessed it… ADVENT.
I rejoice because Christ is:

 – Copyright 2016, Carole Anne Hallyburton. All Rights Reserved.
Worship Link via YouTube:
El Shaddai – Amy Grant
Focus for Reflection:
Now it’s your turn. Try to think through an ADVENT acrostic that lists names or references to Christ that particularly draw you to rejoice in His birth and joyfully await His return.
  • ·      A –
  • ·      D –
  • ·      V –
  • ·      E –
  • ·      N –
  • ·      T –


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