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The Lord detests the sacrifice of the wicked,
but the prayer of the upright pleases him.
(Proverbs 15:8)


Special Note: Today’s graphic is courtesy of reflection.jpg.
As the first week of A 30-Day Conversation draws to a close, I would so love for you to join me is taking some time to reflect on any spiritual growth or insights you may have experienced thus far into our individual journeys concerning our PRAYER conversations. It’s a practice we will continue to follow on the seventh day of each of our weeks together as a tool of sorts to assess where each of us has been, where we now stand, and where we would like to go as we move deeper into the technical aspects of ongoing conversation with God. After all, the writer of today’s passage of focus relays to us the message that the prayer of the upright pleases [God].
With that in mind, please reflect on the following questions before completing today’s PRAYER conversation in light of your thoughts.
            Review the contents of your PRAYER conversations from the past six days, noting any
            differences you see in the tone or content of your writing.
            What, if any, new insights about your PRAYER life have you acquired in the process
            of these daily exercises?
            In what ways do you think your conversation has improved during the course of this
            first week of the series?
            In what ways would you like to further improve your ongoing conversation with God?
What fresh goals will you set for cultivating your desired improvement(s)? List two
specific ways in which you will implement these goals in the week ahead.
Please see Day 1 of the series for suggested content regarding the PRAYER conversation associated with this series.
Praise and Thanksgiving:

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