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…I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.
Matthew 28:20
Points to Ponder:
Before moving forward in our series, would you mind revisiting yesterday’s theme with me? The idea of Immanuel or God With Us is such an important concept for the life of a believer that I’d like us to embrace it on an individual level. For that reason, I’ve made this section of today’s post brief in order to give you time for reflection as we work through an acrostic exercise similar to the one we covered last week.
The premise is a simple question: In light of His promise in today’s Scripture, what does the phrase God With Me mean to me?
Notice that I’ve changed the pronoun of the phrase from the usually collective form – us – to its singular counterpart, me. This change is intended to bring my heart and yours into sharp focus under a spiritual microscope of sorts in order to determine exactly how the theme shapes our own lives. And maybe even to determine how we would like for the theme to shape our lives.
Recall from our exercise last week that an acrostic is a word used to create an overarching theme, then each letter a word is chosen that both begins with that letter and relates to the overarching theme. My acrostic for today’s theme, God With Me, is given below as an example.



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Focus for Reflection:
Now it’s your turn. Try to think through a GOD WITH ME acrostic with a list of His characteristics that leave you most thankful for Christ’s birth and His never-ending presence in your life.
·      G
·      O
·      D
·      W
·      I
·      T
·      H
·      M
·      E 
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