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“We will not be judged by how we lived our lives, but we will judged by what we were called to do.”
 – John Bevere.
Call it a dream. Or a vision. Or what you will. I’ve tried in every way to avoid putting these words to paper, but the soul-deep nudge I felt a week ago to write them here has turned to an outright nagging in my spirit. Today I came face to face with the John Bevere statement quoted above…and so with a deep breath, I hereby submit.
A few nights ago, I found myself welcomed as a spectator by a longtime friend at the Judgment Seat  of Christ…not to be confused with the Great White Throne Judgment of non-believers. Read about the former here and the latter here. [1]  Christ Himself was distributing rewards to His followers – rubies, sapphires, emeralds and the like. Each person was rewarded according to his or her response to God’s calling on each life. After distributing such jewels to a particular group, He then took up a container of rare diamonds and moved toward the next. This group of followers seemed to be waiting with certain expectation for what seemed additional rewards. Their faces glowed as they eyed Christ and the pristine diamonds. Facing the group, He spoke:
“Like the jewels, My brothers and sisters, these are also rewards not for your deeds but for your obedience to the callings I placed on your lives.” With one fluid pivot of 180 degrees, He turned from this group that anxiously awaited – but never anticipated – His next move. The bright light that shown from Christ’s face now revealed a massive sea of the most beautiful children imaginable. I marveled at their sheer loveliness to the friend beside me, who in turn quipped good-naturedly that, yes indeed, they were almost as beautiful as her own children. The sound of their innocent laughter filled the air as they excitedly frolicked around the feet of Jesus, some darting playfully in and out of the soft folds of His robe. He smiled at the faces tenderly.
With the group at His back watching in puzzlement, Christ reached into the container and drew out diamond after diamond, gently distributing each stone until every child held one of his or her very own. Hearing a murmur of confusion rising from behind Him, He turned again to face the aforementioned group of followers.
“Hear the Word of My Father,” He said. And Jesus read flawlessly 2 Kings 17:1-20. This is the text in which God pinpoints the proverbial final sins that resulted in the exile of Old Testament Israel to Assyria. As He read, He lingered for a moment over verse 17, as if deeply stirred by its words. Read the entire passage here.
In a voice that remained calm, Christ said to the group, “One of the callings that My Father places on those who follow Him is that of protecting those who cannot protect themselves. As surely as My people Israel sacrificed their offspring to idols for a season, you have done the same. And as surely as My people Israel were forgiven but faced consequences for their actions, the same stands true for followers today.” [2]
“But LORD,” came a chorus from the group, “we never worshiped idols and certainly never sacrificed children to them! What has this to do with us and our rewards?”
“In truth,” He replied, “these little ones were sacrificed to the idols of Personal Freedom and Self-Orientation…two of the most consuming idols of all time. You chose the leaders who made this sacrifice acceptable as law. This became an impediment to My calling on your lives. The little souls whom you see here are those of the children who for unwarranted reasons fell victim to murder by abortion.” With that, Christ moved forward to other groups as He continued His distribution of rewards. I remained still, dumbfounded by what I had just seen.
My friend and I have a humorous routine that has served as a punctuated ending to many a  conversation between us; this conversation proved to be no exception as she delivered the first line: “People certainly need to know this.” By default, I followed up with the usual punchline.
“So do you want to tell them, or should I?” Instead of answering with the precocious grin that will forever be etched into my mind her trademark, she looked at me with an unusual seriousness as she spoke.
“This time, my friend, it’s up to you.”
Suddenly awake and aware of the contented snoring of my dog beside me in the wee hours of the  morning, I pondered this conversation. Tried to sort through its implications. Longed for more time with this dear, dear friend who has gone on to be with Jesus. And so I end this post with neither pride nor shame, but with a plea as you consider over the next 11 days the choice before you as an American.
Please, I ask, hear the Word of the LORD. Heed His call to protect those who can’t protect themselves.
[1] Also see Revelation 3:1122:712

[2] Scripture contains a number of passages concerning the care of children, including Deuteronomy 6:7; Psalm 139:13-16; Isaiah 49:15; Mark 10:13-16; Colossians 3:21; 1 Timothy 5:8.