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It’s a good news/bad news kind of deal, and His Own Heart Ministries would like to sincerely apologize to its readers.

The good news is that – after two weeks of technical problems – our internet server has repaired our website. In other words, His Own Heart is up and running again.

The bad news is that there’s no substantive post for this week. As a writer, I’m deeply embarrassed by this admission. The truth is that a few days ago I lost a very close friend who had been in declining health for some time. While I know beyond a doubt and celebrate the fact that this friend is safe in the arms of Jesus today – free from pain and fully restored in His glory – I’m walking around in that weighty haze that results from this kind of loss. Selfish, I know; but in this moment it’s also the reality.

So as we move from January into February, I’m asking for a do-over. Beginning next week, I would like to restart our Lessons Learned series and move forward from there. Again, I do apologize for my shortcomings with this week’s post, and I thank you profusely for your patience with our blog.

I’m so glad for God’s grace and understanding of my humanness in times like these, and I humbly ask for your grace and understanding as well. Your reading of this blog and prayerful support of this ministry means more to me than you will ever know; I love and thank our Savior for you every day.

– Copyright 202o, Carole Anne Hallyburton. All rights reserved.