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Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.
Rev. 4:11
Today the Christian world embarks upon the 2016 edition of the annual season of Advent – those four flurried weeks of anticipation and preparation that carry us steadily toward the twenty-fifth day of December when we recognize with humbled, joy-filled hearts the incarnate or physical birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
Not overly familiar with the celebration of Advent? Dr. Ryan Reeves, professor for Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, gives a wonderful and simple overview of the season that you’ll enjoy reading here.[i] As he points out, the joy of Advent involves so much more than looking backward into a manger in Bethlehem;[ii] it also affords us the opportunity to celebrate the string of unfathomable events that this birth set into motion – events like the promised and permanent atonement for sin through Christ’s death and resurrection at Calvary,[iii] the promised and guiding arrival of His Holy Spirit in the Upper Room[iv] and the promised and eternal rule and re-creation of the world set into motion at the dawn of His second coming.[v]
Think for a moment about the magnitude of both of these promises. Christ has already delivered on the former promise, and all indications are that we move closer and closer to seeing the latter promise fulfilled with each passing day. Now, possibly more than at any time since His birth, Advent should be a truly exciting time for the followers who anxiously await Christ’s final return! Is it any wonder that the Apostle John deemed our LORD to be “worthy of glory, and honor, and power?”[vi]
On that note, His Own Heart Ministries invites you to join us throughout this exciting season for 25 passages of Scripture – one passage per day beginning on Thursday, December 1. Each passage is followed by a short point of application geared toward private reflection or even journaling for those who wish to do so as we consider what it means to celebrate with faith-filled and joyful expectation the glory, honor and power associated with the advent of Christ’s birth and the advent of His return.
We hope to see you back here on December 1!

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