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I am the Alpha and the Omega,
the First and the Last,
the Beginning and the End.
Revelation 22:13
Christ is Everything. We say He is. We sing that He is. And, as believers, we – well – profess to believe He is.
Still, when I found the list below in a stack of forgotten notes this week, I couldn’t keep from asking myself a pointed question:
Does my life reflect what my heart and head know? That Jesus really is It – Alpha…Omega… Beginning…End…All Things in Between?
It may seem a redundant question, but I think it’s an important question; I wonder, in fact, if it will be those believers – the ones whose lives consistently reflect what their hearts and heads know – who will one day hear those precious, priceless words from the Master Himself: Well done, good and faithful servant (see Matthew 25:23).
Wouldn’t you just love to see His eyes fall on your face as He addresses you with this this very phrase?
While I don’t know where the idea for the following list originated (I’ve versions of it other than my meager attempt), I believe it serves as a good starting point as we begin to ingest – to really internalize and take to heart – the reality of the words John recorded in Revelation 22:13 as printed above.
Christ. Really. Is. EVERYTHING. And we are called to accept it, relish it, live like it today – because the Bible tells us so:
In Genesis, Jesus is our Creator;
In Exodus, the Passover Lamb;
In Leviticus, He’s the High Priest;
In Numbers, Water in the desert;
In Deuteronomy, He is our Eagle’s Wings of deliverance;
In Joshua, He is Commander of the Army of the Lord.
In Judges, Christ is the Lord of Peace;
In Ruth, He is our Redeemer;
In 1 Samuel, He is Prophet, Priest and King;
In 2 Samuel, the blessed Rock of our Salvation.
In 1 Kings, the Builder of a temple that will never fall;
In 2 Kings, He is the reigning King.
In 1 Chronicles, Jesus is Son of David Who is coming to rule;
In 2 Chronicles; the King who reigns eternally;
In Ezra, He is the Priest Who proclaims freedom;
In Nehemiah – I love this one – the One who restores what is broken;
In Esther, Christ is the Protector of his people;
In Job, the Mediator between God and man.
In Psalms, Christ is our song in the morning and in the night;
In Proverbs, our mighty Wisdom and Strong Tower;
In Ecclesiastes, He is our meaning for life;
In Song of Solomon, the Author of faithful love;
In Isaiah – oh my! – He is our Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace;
In Jeremiah, the weeping Messiah.
In Lamentations, Christ assumes God’s wrath for us;
In Ezekiel, He’s the Son of Man;
In Daniel, He is the Son of God Who stands with us in the fiery furnace;
In Hosea, He remains the faithful Husband even when we run away;
In Joel, Christ is the baptizer of the Holy Spirit;
In Amos, He delivers justice to the oppressed.
In Obadiah, our Jesus is mighty to save;
In Jonah, He is the Great Missionary;
In Micah, He casts our sin into the sea of forgetfulness;
In Nahum, He proclaims future world peace;
In Habakkuk, He crushes injustice;
In Zephaniah, He’s the Warrior who saves.
In Haggai, Christ restores our worship;
In Zechariah, He is Lord and King over all the earth;
In Malachi, the Son of Righteousness who brings healing.
In Matthew, the Messiah who is King;
In Mark, the Messiah who is a Servant;
In Luke, the Messiah who is a Deliverer.
In John, Christ is the Messiah who is God in the flesh;
In Acts, the Spirit who dwells within His people;
In Romans, the Power of God unto salvation;
In 1 Corinthians, He is our Conqueror over death – our Resurrection;
In 2 Corinthians, He is the Down Payment of what’s to come;
In Galatians, He is our Inheritance.
In Ephesians, Christ is our Peace at the right hand of the Father;
In Philippians, Supplier of all our needs;
In Colossians, He holds the supreme position – is sovereign – in and above all things;
In 1 Thessalonians, He is our Comfort in the last days;
In 2 Thessalonians, our returning King;
In 1 Timothy, He is our Crown of Righteousness!
In 2 Timothy, He is Christ our Helper;
In Titus, He is Christ our Hope;
In Philemon, He is that Friend that sticks closer than a brother;
In Hebrews, He is our High Priest;
In James, He is the Great Physician;
In 1 Peter, He is our hope in times of suffering.
In 2 Peter, Christ is the Restorer of all things;
In 1 John, He is our Love and Light;
In 2 John, He is God in the flesh;
In 3 John, He is our Prosperity, Health and Peace;
In Jude, Jesus is the Lord Who is returning with 10,000 of his believers;
In Revelation, He is King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End, the One Who will come again, the One who – praise His Name –makes all things new!

– Copyright 2018, Carole Anne Hallyburton. All rights reserved.